Shoelace Tiers beware !

The Patent World can be quite an interesting ( nah, not funny – are lawyers ever funny ? 🙂 ) world to dip in occasionally.

This was inspired by a discussion with an inventor – that lead to  a preliminary prior art search, and voila !

What is claimed is:

1. A shoelace tying system, for tying a shoe lace in a shoe having a pair of top lace holes, a first lace end and a second lace end extending through the top place holes, comprising the steps of:

tying a simple knot with the first lace end and the second lace end;
tying a bow knot with the first lace end and second lace end, forming a first loop and a second loop and creating a space between the bow knot and simple knot; and
forming a double bow knot by wrapping the first loop and second lace end around the bow knot and through the space between the bow knot and simple knot.
For more, have a look at :

Method of tying shoe laces

snapped here a bit :

Since the patent has lapsed, next time you tie your shoelace you can rest easy – else you may have got a notice from your friendly neighborhood lawyer :-))
Something much better could be just  round the corner , though 😉
BTW, also found there is QUITE an interest in shoelaces and methods of tying thereof ! For example, maybe this guy could have patented his method before revealing in to the world ! About 6 million views and 3000 comments  surely indicate an interest worldwide !

Watch and learn – you could save some lives some day by tying your shoelaces faster-who knows !
Found an interesting patent application ? Share on and inspire me/others – comment in hereunder !