Reviewing another contract of a client, I was reminded yet again of the absolute criticality of correct legal drafting. Even a small mistake can make a huge difference. And maybe discovered when it is too late.

A draft when agreed and signed upon is a legal document. Any mistakes in it- and some may be too small to be easily detected – can have huge consequences later. 

For example, ‘demure’ and ‘demur’ both will not be flagged by your personal computer. But perhaps only one is right for legal drafting ! Yet I see many contracts with the other 🙂

In a rather light-hearted way, see the impact just positioning of a single word in a sentence can do.

Sentence : He kissed her in the train yesterday.

Word: only

1. ONLY he kissed her in the train yesterday. _(None else kissed her except him)
2. He ONLY kissed her in the train yesterday. _(Did not do anything except kissing )
3. He kissed ONLY her in the train yesterday. _(He did not kiss any other except her)
4. He kissed her ONLY in the train yesterday _(He did not kiss outside the train)
5. He kissed her in ONLY the train yesterday _(Not other places)
6. He kissed her in the ONLY train yesterday _(There was no other train that day)
7. He kissed her in the train ONLY yesterday _(Not today or any other day )
8. He kissed her in the train yesterday ONLY _(Very recently)

Have other instances ? Feel free to post here so that we all learn !

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