Long, Long, Looooong Road to Justice, Indian Ishtyle !

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied ! Justice Delayed is Justice Denied - so said Gladstone, and oft repeated by all the Wise (w0)men ! But there is Law,there are Lawyers and then there is the Complainant who hardly has any knowledge of law,except that he has been wronged and a law exists, hopefully to help him. Here is what happens. An example of a personal experience at a Consumer Court , repeated innumerable times in Indian Courts, I am sure. See carefully the attempts made. So that you can be forewarned what can / may happen in Courts. Who is…
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Recording of Court Proceedings

Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done .. is oft repeated. And indeed Justice is supposed to be done in public.  Unless decided by the Court to be an " in camera " trial, one can simply visit the Court and watch the proceedings. Even Court Records - submissions by different parties and then the final judgement - is supposed to be Public and accessible to anyone. In Theory. Come the Digital Era then, the logical next step would have been recording of Court proceedings. And indeed the more advanced countries seem to…
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