Bigamy – the legal provisions

  Bigamy Is Having One Spouse Too Many. Monogamy Is the Same :-) Jokes aside, bigamy is a serious matter , legally. So if you are affected ( or considering ;- ) ) it will be helpful for you to read on ! There is NO bar in customary Hindu Law to a man entering second marriage. However, the customary law was codified by the enactment of the Hindu Marriage Act in 1956, which declared  a second marriage ‘void ‘during the subsistence of the first one. So, AFTER 1956, second marriages could be considered illegal. Bigamy is both an offence…
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First Information Report – FIR – the Basics

An FIR ( First Information report ) can only be lodged for a ” Cognizable ” Offense. The Offense category is clearly explained in the CrPC / IPC section it falls under. So, if there is no FIR to begin with, the issue of Bail does not arise. Cognizable Offence Police is empowered to register the FIR and investigate only the cognizable offenses. Police can arrest an accused involved in cognizable crime without the warrant from the Court. Theft, robbery, murder and rape are some instances of cognizable offenses. Non-cognizable Offence Here, Police can neither register the FIR nor can…
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